Strange Tattoo Stories – Identification Information

Copywriter: Erman Caglar

Illustrator: Ceyda Koc

Nothing had happened throughout the whole day. As boredom was about to dangerously give way to evening beer and the evening beer unavoidably to entertainment until the morning, the tattoos like a giant tiger and same size python had appointments the next day. Who does not want to go into a giant python with an hangover. When Mr. Osman entered the shop breathing heavily and asked “until when are you open?”, he had saved the children at the tattoo shop from this terrible fate. They asked “Why?”, he said “I get of at nine from work and I need to get tattoos done tonight, will you do it if I come at nine? We’ll do it buddy! So long as there is something to do in this life. What kind of a tattoo can be so urgent for a person? We can wait just to find the answer for this.

Mr. Osman; had provided these children with a purpose to live and a leg to stand on a sweltering day reminiscent of space vacuum. Now, they were in a state where they could not think anything else other than Mr. Osman. What kind of a tattoo will he get done? Where will he have it? Does he have other tattoos or is this going to be his first? When Mr. Osman returned to the shop around nine thirty, he found the children almost fainting from excitement.

Just like waiting for something with great enthusiasm, the tattoo Mr. Osman had in mind turned out to be a disappointment. He wanted to have “Osman 14” written somewhere on his shoulder. Why? The tattoo artist kid asked “Osman, are you from Bolu?” however Osman was not from Bolu. On the contrary, he was from İstanbul. He was explaining the reason why he wanted to have the “Osman 14” tattoo as such: I used to always wear the uniform number 14 on the astroturf and that is the reason. The tattoo worker said “This is not a good reason Osman” and made the good suggestion “Since you are from İstanbul, it will be more logical to have a tattoo as “OSMAN 34”, since if some day God forbid you lose your mind, you can at least find out your name and where you are from by looking at it”. This great idea went well with Mr. Osman and he screamed “THEN LET’S DO IT THAT WAY”. Because Mr. Osman had enemies in the neighborhood and it was a possibility that one day they could lie in wait and hit him on the head with an iron bar.

How can someone who was so attached to an idea with such passion to go to the tattoo parlor running after work could give-up on that so easily? Because Mr. Osman was some kind of an incarnation of the human brain, the miraculous organ. He desired certain things suddenly and forcefully, made important and definite decisions during the day however when it was time to implement these decisions he used to change his mind immediately when presented with other options. He was saying, “Yeah, then let’s do it that way then” he was as sweet as a baby and a person that needed to be kissed and caressed.

The tattoo artist kid who could not control his overzealousness just because only “Osman 34” was written, said “shall I write your blood type as well? I can write your blood type just underneath in the shape of Japanese fish, you will benefit from it if you are hospitalized, they will intervene faster in case of an emergency”. This was a good proposal however, after thinking a bit Osman said “no, then my arm would resemble an identification paper if we do it such, in fact I am not very sure about my blood type either. If I get my blood type written wrong, it will do me more harm than benefiting me“. As time approached eleven at night at the tattoo parlor, logical sentences were being discussed. A beautiful night in terms of civilization was being experienced.

That night, both the tattoo artist and Mr. Osman returned to their homes with a peculiar inner peace and happiness. The tattoo artist kid did not buy beer on his way home and after he arrived at his home he read a little and went to sleep. He woke up refreshed and energetic the next morning and with a clear mind he placed the giant tiger and python snake tattoos on his customers’ bodies comfortably. Mr. Osman on the other hand was really attacked with iron bars by his enemies from the neighborhood and he lost his memory as a result of strikes to his head. When he regained consciousness, he knew he was Osman and from İstanbul because of the tattoo he got done. Just like it was in the movie, Memento.

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