Beybin Esen Regretland

Translation: Nehir Yavuz Ege

We talked with Beybin Esen, who regretted 80% of his tattoos, about his tattoos and his stories.

Actually, I have only one explanation for most of my tattoo regrets; I was so young! So, if I have to give you a general message, “Do not get tattooed when you’re young”.

∇ Don’t decide when you’re drunk

I got this friend at the concert of Woodkid. I was having so much fun and I was very drunk. I have not noticed that almost all of my upper lap was covered. In short, do not decide when you are drunk.

∇ Don’t make a quick decision

Yes, I always liked Batman. I said if I liked it, why shouldn’t it be my new tattoo? After all, all the movies of it, are great, I thought how bad it could be; but I wish, I had not seen the “Black knight”’s rise.

∇ Query the tattooist

Let’s say, you decided what kind of tattoo you are going to get. There is an extremely important point to ask: Do I have the right tattooist? As you see in this example, it was not me.


∇ Remember: Tattoo is not a cheap pleasure

This is my first tattoo. This event came up as the result of the combination of my love for the fairytale Tadap, who works in the State Carrot Department, and his house rabbit lover Sisi, Donnie Darko, Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit  that my grandmother told me…


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