Bir Atatürk Sevdalısı Melda Teyze

There is no need to go far to find interesting stories about tattoo and beautiful people with tattoos. Our neighbour, Melda. She is so fond of Ataturk. In her apartment, you can see Ataturk everywhere from a Nutuk at the bedside, up to her ring. One day, on 10th of November, she goes to Danny Garcia and gets Ataturk on her body, as well.

“Here, there were some kids around. I was informed that it is free on 10th of November. I don’t know who I heard it from. I got there in no time. I asked if they would hurt me and they said no. I also asked if it was temporary and they said it was not. I said then, go ahead! It did not hurt at all. I was going to have it on my bosom but I wanted it to be somewhere to be always seen, so I got it on my wrist. He was a boy with long hair (Danny Garcia). He did not hurt me, indeed he did it so well. God bless him.”

“I am an Ataturk fan. You can see his pictures all around my rooms. They are always close to me. So is Nutuk. I always read it.”

“I am from Istanbul. Stolen from Sudan when she was four, my mother was brought to Istanbul. She was raised in the palace of Sultan Hamid until she was fourteen. Sultan Hamid gave Gazi Ethem Pasha, who had won the Greek battle and came back, an odalisk, a building close to Sisli Gazi Movie Theater and my mother.  “ I set you free, go wherever you like.” says Ethem Pasha to my mother. Back then, she was fourteen.  “ Now that the palace gave me to you, I won’t go anywhere. I do not know neither my father nor my mother so I cannot go to Sudan.” says my mother and stays with him. We all were born and raised there.”

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